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the tomato in the mirror

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11th November 2015

6:09pm: I will finish my WIP's and most definitely not write any Mr Robot Elliot/Tyrell trainwreck. WTF, brain. Tyrell is one creepy mofo, and not in a redeemable way. We don't ship it. Nope.

28th August 2015

7:01am: Hannibal
OMGWTF. All I can manage without spoilers. But. Wtf. For real.

17th July 2015

2:33pm: So I saw Terminator Genisys

I want all the fanfic about this. And it doesn't exist. WHY

12th June 2015

5:02pm: So I was trying to write...
But the damn heating is out and I'm freezing.

So have a little drabble about people complaining of being cold. Hey, I only have like, five minutes free a day. My brain was barely working even before it got frozen.

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3rd June 2015

4:40pm: Between this morning and now, I've read all the fics posted in the Boostle livejournal. ALL 360. Although, to be fair, many of them are posted in AO3 so it really was like 200 or so. Still, it's a bit like when Daniel and I marathoned Twin Peaks, whole series and movie, in a day and a half.

Right. So wasted day off it is. Ooops.

Because this is too good to post just once.

Schumacher brothers, teen edition. I want to pinch Ralf's rosy cheeks:D

29th May 2015


28th May 2015

6:53pm:  You know, a Pacific Rim Prosenna AU would be perfection. Ayrton as Mako and Alain as Raleigh, of course.
6:05pm: Been writing; sadly neither project is at the 'complete chapter' state and also I have to finish that Gotham thing I posted when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and haven't updated since.

Also I've been made aware of Booster Gold/Blue Beetle and they're really adorable 


5th September 2014

12:05am: Goodbye
RIP Gustavo Cerati 1959-2014.

Current Mood: contemplative

26th July 2014

10:09pm: WTF, Livejournal
Stop updating my friends page against my will, what's that 'feed' thing, it looks like shit and it's unreadable.

Not Love,


21st March 2014

8:17pm: So, "Intelligence" is basically "Chuck", only not funny?

well, not on purpose, anyway

Think I'll pass.

Josh Holloway's still really pretty, though.

6th January 2014

8:26pm: The only scene you need to watch of "The Fifth Estate"

If only they'd been so truthful about everything else, right?

Sadly there's not a version of this set to "Barbie Girl", but if I ever learn to vid there will be...

28th December 2013

6:51pm: Pranks!
Dia de los inocentes (our version of April Fool's Day) is on the march. Here's to hoping it doesn't end with something on fire/someone on the emergency room as it happens every year, because I live with heathens.

In other news, someone needs to do a Niki Lauda/James Hunt Rush fanvid with this song:

Also, I most definitely do not think that RL Lauda, for being a bloke who honest to God looked like a rat, was unexplicably, bafflingly cute, or that he and Hunt were kind of adorable together, because I do not RPS, all right?

30th September 2013

7:33pm: Breaking Bad finale
Yeahhhh, baby! That's how you do it!


27th September 2013

1:00am: Dexter finale

*much hair tearing*


That is all.

29th July 2013

6:34pm: I wonder what bigots are going to say about this
Apparently, though he remains adamant we should not have rights, at least Pope Francis doesn't resent our mere existence, which I'm sure will be a great dissapointment to all who claim to hate us because God told them to.


"If someone is gay, who am I to judge?" Not enough, but better than old Palpatine, sure...

12th June 2013

10:44pm: Vid Rec
Walder Frey is at Your Party - Game of Thrones

This. Is. So. Wrong. Go watch it right now. (spoilers for the Red Wedding, mind the warnings).

17th April 2013

5:11pm: Hannibal
Does this remind you of Tokio Babylon? Because it does to me, a whole lot. I'm already waiting for the in-universe shipping, because we (audience) know this is Hannibal, and that he's basically almost-stalking Will to further fuck with his mind and sanity, mostly for the EVULZ, but the other characters don't, so I'm waiting for anyone to point out Hannibal seems quite taken with Will, even in a friendly sense, so I can die laughing.

16th April 2013

11:08pm: And Spartacus has ended
I will say just one thing: never before a series has killed so many of my favourite characters, yet remained so awesome. I might have even cried a little. Hat off, show. This is how it's done.

13th February 2013

8:23pm: Was I the only one? Just curious.
I've been re-watching Fringe Season Two, and it reminded me how, back in the day, I kinda shipped September/Peter a whole lot after watching "August" and "Peter". Come on, after all, September's words about Peter ('he's important', 'he has to live') are almost an echo of August's words about Christine.

This, plus the fact that every bloke on the show seemed to have a mancrush on Peter at some point (Nick, Lincoln, even Broyles at times) sealed the deal in my "not have enough crack pairings yet, nope" mind.

So, any of you saw it too?

13th October 2012

10:18pm: In Memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by sparkindarkness at In Memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by myrrhmade at In Memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by ladyhadhafang at In memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by lijahlover at In memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by kerrsmith2306 at In memory of Matthew Shepard

THE ULTIMATE SILENCE ~ October 12th, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Fourteen years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

For background information check out the HBO movie "The Laramie Project"

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20th August 2012

1:06am: vid recs
First of all: Yay! Someone ships it too!!


A Nathan/Finch vid! (Person of Interest).

Vividcon recs

Raspberry Swirl - Suspiria (1977) evil dance school, or Dario Argento's finest movie and the wonderful sol_se made a vid of it. Watch it right this second.

Hole In My Soul - Nolan Batmanverse

Smack My Bitch Up - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (US & Sweden)

Temptation - Teen Wolf Derek/Stiles.

Own Little World - Jennifer's Body

Ramalama (bang bang)
- Once Upon a Time

Ride to California - The Avengers

31st July 2012

12:55am: The Hollow Crown (Richard II, Henry IV and Henry V)
Ben Wishaw rocked so very much.

Also, I know is Shakespeare and all, but I couldn't help but being amused at how apparently Tom Hiddleston is doomed to be type-casted as Daddy Issues Prince, however random the movie itself. If he plays Hamlet any time soon I'm going to howl with laughter.

One question for those who saw Henry V: the three traitors scene was left out, or I blinked and missed it?
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